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The internet changes your social interactions

Last week I wrote a newspaper article on the how our emotions change during internet interactions.  Specifically I was referring to  cyberbullying but I learned also how society behaves differently on the world wide web.   Not surprisingly we are more sexually provocative, more aggressive, more deceptive but, ironically, we self-disclose more than we ever would in person.  Another interesting fact?  Since we only know what the other person is willing to admit we typically get just “the good stuff” and then our own imagination (or wishful thinking) tends to fill in the blanks about the rest.  If you want more, read my article:

THERE IS a saying that the ostrich, when hiding, buries his head in the sand and believes his whole body to be invisible to the outside world. What a dumb bird. Baffling, really. (find the whole story link below)


What’s the rush?

Do you every find yourself insanely busy?  Edward Hallowell, in his book “Crazy Busy” writes about how we tend to rush madly through our agenda without much time spent prioritizing these tasks.  So let’s be real.  We are never going to accomplish all that we feel necessary, so what gets pushed off the list?  When we collapse in bed tonight it may feel that we have left out some of the most important things in life — like connecting with friends and loved ones. I like the saying that “on our deathbed no one ever wishes they had spent more time at the office!”    Think about the things that are most important to you and make sure they – Don’t get lost in the rush!